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  • Version: 8.09

Watch movies, live sport and TV serials on your phone

Hotstar is a live streaming app that offers you a paid subscription to 13 channels and various others in Hindi. The channels are mainly for sports fans and people who like Asian TV. Most of the movies are Asian, but there is plenty of live sport to stream, especially if you like cricket.

The app is free, but the channels are not

Hotstar offers a free month's subscription to live TV shows and movies. The app itself is free to download and install, and you have to pay for the live streams after your one-month trial is over. The app has a very similar interface to the YouTube app. You may select the TV channel you want to watch, or you can select a TV show and gain access to the last episode shown on the app. Hotstar has many Asian languages to choose from, so you are not limited to English when you pick your movies and TV shows.

Great for people who enjoy Asian TV

There are plenty of English TV shows with Asian language options, and there are plenty Middle Asian people who are living in English speaking countries and find their choices of TV and movie viewing limited. The app has loading and crashing issues, but the developers say you can fix them by clearing your app cache.


  • Multiple language options for your TV shows and movies
  • You can watch for free for the first month


  • The app is often slow to load
  • Live streams will sometimes crash and you have to re-load


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Hotstar 8.09 for iPhone


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